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In  order  to  professionally  plan  and  organise           a journey and to have good memories of it, we would like to give you some tips following which you will be able to achieve the desired result.  

The starting point of any journey is to consider and plan your financial possibilities. This will enable you to define which options to choose and help avoid wasting time, efforts, and unnecessary emotions.

Another no less important issue in the arrangement of the planned trip is the possibility of obtaining the visa to the country you're travelling to. And we would like to note that Great Britain is not the easiest country in terms of processing the entry visa. The law regularly changes becoming more severe with respect to the issuance of visas to foreign travellers. INTEGRA SELECOM LTD successfully helps our clients procure any types of visas to Great Britain and other countries. Our team will always be glad to provide professional assistance to you in handling your problems.

Medical insurance is another issue of importance. Each traveller who is going to make a trip must acquire a certificate of medical insurance. There are some reasons for doing so: the first and the most important one is that you may be required to show the original certificate when crossing the border, the second reason which is no less important is that medical services abroad are pretty expensive. Therefore, if you happen to need medical assistance without having the certificate of medical insurance, it must be no surprise that it may significantly drain your wallet. In addition, before the beginning of you journey, you have to carefully read medical insurance rules and look through the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. In some countries when travelling, you must always have the certificate of insurance with you. We suggest that you would better not skimp on your health.

And now it is time for the INTEGRA SELECOM staff, professionals in the tourism, excursion and education services, tojoin. They will be happy to help you organise a Programme for any journey.

 INTEGRA SELECOM LTD incorporated in Great Britain, with its head office in London, has been operating in the market of services since 2013. We organise excursion and education tours to Great Britain, Bulgaria and Finland. The basic priority of our Company is to reasonably minimise the costs for the tourism, education and specialist Programmes, while offering the service level that will satisfy the most demanding Customer. We will do our best so that you would have the most pleasant impressions of the Journey Programme specially developed for you.

We organise group tours, and provide services at individual Requests. All clients are important for us. We take care of our clients. We provide consulting services on the issues of accommodation, job, and education in Great Britain, Bulgaria, and Finland, and we can arrange a meeting with Russian and English speaking immigration specialists and lawyers, if required.

Since 2014, our Company has been arranging training of schoolchildren and students at schools and higher education institutions in Great Britain and handling the issues of upgrading of professional skills of specialists and staff members of various companies. We cooperate with professors of prestigious private schools in Great Britain, such as North London Collegiate School, Westminster School, and universities - University College London (UCL), Queen Mary University of London, and University of Westminster. We can develop and arrange a Programme for education and leisure for your child including at summer schools and during vacations.

It is INTEGRA SELECOM LTD that is ready to gift you the moments to get you as close as possible to you dream.