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Just London – what could be better

London, the capital, the most populous city of England, standing on River Thames it is unique and attractive in so many ways! People come from all over the world for business, education, research, shopping, holidays... and fall in love with it!

While you may think of London as one great big city, there are really two cities within London - the City of London and the City of Westminster. The two are quite different and worth your time. While the former is a business and financial centre where old traditional buildings neighbour modern glass skyscrapers, the latter combines stunning parks, multiple museums and most of the West End.

You may want to have a cup of coffee sitting in a real garden on top of a skyscraper and enjoy a panoramic view of the capital. Maybe visit some of the architectural wonders London has to offer - the Tower Bridge or St Paul's Cathedral, for example. Or maybe stop by the Tower of London and see where it all began... The list is endless! Either you come with children, friends or your other half...London has everything you may ever want!!!