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About US

We all have our own perception of life, make plans and efforts to accomplish them, and everyone believes that the day will come when everything will change for the better, life will become more interesting and exciting, and you will be able to feel more comfortable in real-life settings.

It is INTEGRA SELECOM LTD that would like to make you a gift by giving you an opportunity to get closer to your cherished dream – get away from everyday problems and experience a few days of joy and happiness. This may result in your understanding of what needs to be changed in your life and how.

It's interesting to observe how the people who are going to a journey change - in a twinkle of a moment they come out to be at the threshold of something unknown which begins at the point of departure. All of them are in a state of anticipating something mysterious, some possibilities that their dreams come true. As if the travellers take off their daily garments of business and concerns, leave behind the daily routine and discover new things with a spark of excitement and curiosity in their hearts for something yet unexplored. And the hope springs up that the time has come at last to realise your most cherished and secret dreams. This makes your face glow with smile; and the thoughts and talks about business and concerns that sometime deprive our life of hope and inspiration are gradually getting far and far away...

A journey is something that is much more than the most interesting book or movie on earth. This is exactly why many travellers on their return back home from their trip think over how not to lose the feeling of freedom, joy and fullness of life, which recently captured their mindset.

It’s our company’s pleasure to help you maintain and increase all positive moments acquired by you, by organising various adventurous journeys across Great Britain, Finland, Bulgaria and other countries.

INTEGRA SELECOM LTD is registered in the territory of Great Britain and has been offering services in the tourism, excursion, education and entertainment market since 2013. Among the excursions organized by us there are not only the most popular sites, but also rare and unique tours that will satisfy the most demanding Customer.

We organise group tours, and provide services at individual requests, and we render extra services (such as organisation of feasts, celebrations, transport services, visa support, language courses; shopping tours, organisation of family leisure, fishing and gaming, and so on).

All Customers are important for us! We take care about our travellers. If required, we provide consulting services on the issues of accommodation, job, and education in Great Britain, Bulgaria, and Finland. We can arrange a meeting with Russian and English speaking immigration specialists and lawyers.

Since 2014, INTEGRA SELECOM LTD has been arranging training of schoolchildren and students at schools and higher education institutions in Great Britain, and handling the issues of upgrading of professional skills. We cooperate with professors of prestigious private schools in Great Britain, such as North London Collegiate School, Westminster School, and universities - University College London (UCL), Queen Mary University of London, and University of Westminster.

We organise leisure and training for kids and teens at summer schools and during vacations.

Our company provides a wide range of services at affordable prices. We seek to reasonably minimise costs while offering the service level that will satisfy the most demanding Customer. Our staff will do all their best so that you would have the most pleasant impressions of your journey and will help make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.


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