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Get acquainted with Great Britain



What is Great Britain? The answers to that question may be different. The first thing that comes into mind is what we were told at school that Great Britain is an insular and ever nebulous empire that unites together four countries with its borders, the first of which is a strict and sometimes mannered England with historically unique capital London in which there are a lot of sightseeing and simply unique interesting places. The second is Scotland, a severe land with its severe climate and numerous beautiful lakes, picturesque mountains, plangent bagpipes, and still unsolved mysteries and friendly local residents. The third is Northern Ireland, a freedom-loving country striving for independence which is also no less mysterious, the homeland of pubs, with picturesque villages that deserve to be painted on the canvas. And the forth country is a medieval but no less beautiful Wales with its numerous ancient castles and fortresses boggling the mind with their beauty and grandiosity.

The most unique and sometimes indefinable fact is that Britain attracts not only professional travellers but also the ordinary people who immediately become its admirers. Apart from the excursion Programme which includes visits of ancient castles, beautiful palaces, and Gothic cathedrals, the vacation in Great Britain includes travelling across picturesque rural towns and boroughs with the visiting of unique and pacifying museums and galleries, as well as shopping in the best boutiques of the world; and it’s with good reason that the capital of Britain is known as the leading commercial centre of Europe.


It is the best way to begin visiting Britain with England, of course, because it is good old England that combines the monuments of past centuries that have been guarded and regularly restored. Putting it shortly, the British are very sensitive to their history. Stonehenge is the most dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in England, which purpose has not yet been truly defined. The pundits have been discussing the issue for decades. And there were many different versions, among them is the version that this structure had been erected by the ancient Romans and was used as an astronomical observatory to predict eclipses, or the version that those giant stones had been delivered here by alien civilizations. It is interesting that those giant stones had been rearranged from time to time, and their present position has not been changed since 1800 BC. The Windsor Castle (Principal British royal residence, one of the official homes of the British royal family, in the town of Windsor) is one of the unique historical and, perhaps, mysterious places that generate keen interest of every traveller.


We recommend that Edinburgh, the inspiring capital of Scotland, would be next to visit, with its one of the most beautiful ancient castles on the high granite rock. And, of course, you may wish to visit Loch Ness and if you are lucky enough you will see the Monster that reputedly inhabits Loch Ness, but if you are not, you will have a win-win option to visit local museums dedicated to this water dragon. And the fans of fishing who travel along with you on this journey can satisfy their curiosity and fish on the lake.  We also recommend that you would visit Inverness, the homeland of whisky, porridge and Scottish bagpipes.


Being in Wales, we recommend that you would visit numerous medieval castles featured in the Excursion Programme. We'd strongly advise that you would visit Cardiff, the capital of Wales, where you will be able to see many interesting things, and remember to visit Plin. It's no coincidence that it was awarded the title of the most picturesque natural wonder.


And while travelling across Ireland, try not to forget to visit Belfast. It is exactly there that numerous Irish pubs are located in which you will be served the Real Ale. Be sure to try these drinks and you will feel like a true Irishman.