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One Day Tour "Stained glass art in South East England"


The Pre-Raphaelites and Marc Chagall in the South-East of England 

A fragment of a window in All Saints’ Church, Marc Chagall, Tudeley, Kent

What might be in common for such absolutely different artists as Marc Chagall and Edward Burne-Jones?

The answer is simple – both created stained glass windows during certain period of their life.

The excursion "The Pre-Raphaelites and Marc Chagall in the South-East of England" will give you a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the stained glass windows made by the great artists.

Stained-glass art in England has a thousand-years history. The stained-glass windows of religious institutions created in the early ages depicted scenes from the Bible and episodes from the lives of saints, and were the most common method for communication of the clergy with the masses. But during the Reformation thousands of wonderful stained glass windows were destroyed forever. The 19th century and the new English Gothic revived the art of stained glass in full measure.   

Soon the new trends and styles replaced the Gothic style. One of the new trends was the Arts and Crafts Movement, inspired by William Morris, the most prominent representative of the second generation of Pre-Raphaelites. And in the 20th century, Marc Chagall turned to the art of glass-painting.

During our excursion you will get acquainted with the history of stained-glass windows in England, will visit the unique churches, and finally - for some time will become direct disciples of a present-day stained glass master.

The excursion includes:

  • The information about the history of stained-glass art in England
  • Visiting churches in East Sussex and Kent where the windows were painted by Harry Clarke, Edward Burne-Jones, Marc Chagall. Information on the move.
  • Demonstrational master class at the workshop of a glass-artist, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  


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